Green answers denote answers that were tested personally. Light green answers were answers tested by others.

Male Female
Updated 27 August
1 Who is the most reliable man What is your habit in using daily necessities
Communist Use what family members use
Christian Insist on using one particular brand
Atheist You do not care which brand you use
Any confident man Only use the brand with the best reputation
2 What would you do when arriving in a city for the first time What is the most important thing to you while playing a game
Buy a radio/mp3 player Music
Buy a TV Graphics
Buy a mobile phone Game type (Genre)
Find a place to stay Difficulty level
3 What do you think about your team member? What do you think about your team member
It's none of my business Fails to communicate
Beautiful Great
Good Talkative
Is she really a girl? No interest
4 If you saw a passerby in danger, you would? Upon seeing an expensive necklace you really want in a jewelry store, you would?
Walk away Walk away
Imagine how brave you are Imagine wearing it
Help him Figure out if you can afford it
Look around to find help Stare at it for a while
5 What is your favorite sport What is your favorite color?
Shooting Black
Swimming Blue
Running White
Boxing Red
6 What can you do for your beloved? What is the best thing you can do for him?
Find excuses to stay with her Be willing to share sorrow and happiness with him
Call her all the time Talk with him
Try to accomplish everything she likes Practice and grow together with him
Stay out all night Give him everything
7 Which behavior do you think is cool? What do you think of a person who smokes?
Getting rid of any bad habits Hate
Always being fashionable So cool
Having great insight and understanding Try to avoid
Being capable of controlling one's own emotions and behavior Don't care
8 How would you like to relax? What kind of character trait do you appreciate?
KTV Passion
Billiards Humor
Travel Leadership
Playing game Wisdom
9 You'd like to wake up in which way? How do you handle a plan you have made?
Jump up immediately Carry it out immediately
To an alarm clock Find a person to supervise you
Sleeping is more important than anything else Just make a plan and do nothing about it
Remain in bed for a while First comfirm the feasibility of your plan
10 If your crush told you that he/she loves you, what would you do? When standing on top of a tall building with a stranger, what do  you think of first?
Stare blankly Who is this person?
Be shocked I wonder if I will be pushed?
Do nothing What do I do?
Feel excited Just watch the stars with the stranger
11 What is your habit in finishing homework over winter vacation? If your boss gives you a new pile of documents when you are incredibly busy, what would you do?
Finish of all the homework at the beginning of winter vacation Try to complete the boss' documents first
Ignore it and try to finish them at the end of winter vacation Try to complete what you are doing currently first
Do homework everyday and finish it all on time Try to complete everything, one bit at a time
Copy others on the final day of break Do whatever you feel like first
12 When you log in BoI, you do ___ first If you were to get married in BOI, you think your BF/GF should
Hang out in Atlantis Square Have endless amounts of coins and zen
Check events Be online every day
Receive free remedies Like killing monsters all the time
Quiz Take care of you
13 What kind of pet do you like best? Which pet do you like the best?
Strength-oriented Taurus
Intelligence-oriented Gemini
Vitality-oriented Libra
Dexterity-oriented Capricorn
14 When you meet a pretty woman, you will look at her ____ first In your opinion, which is the attribute of a gentleman
Body Passionate
Eyes Talkative
Feet Shy
Hands Mysterious
15 Which scene has appeared in your dreams the most? You hope your boyfriend would be
Saving the world A hero
Daily affairs A common person
Flying in the sky freely A villian
Running away desperately A fugitive
16 When you feel isolated, what do you need most? When you are alone you will miss __ first
Family member's comfort Family members
Lover Your lover
Nothing, just enjoy the alone time Nothing
Brothers or sisters Friends
17 What is your favorite gem? Your beloved would be a
Ruby Athlete
Sapphire Soldier
Diamond Investment Professional
Obsidian Priest
18 If you won the lottery, you would ___ immediately? What is your attitude toward spending money?
Start a company Commercially minded
Deposit the money Miser
Buy a house Spend money lavishly
Buy a fancy car Like to display everything you own
19 You come across your worst enemy being attacked by a giant snake. You would If a stranger gave you a flower on the street, you would
Be stunned Be shocked
Kill the snake Accept it
Kill both of them Accept it and give it to your friend
Walk away Refuse it
20 Which type of girl do you love most? Which number do you like the most
Rich 8
Normal 250
Passionate 13
Simple Nothing
21 What will you do on the night of Dec. 31? When people around you are absorbed in happiness you will
Celebrate Make everyone even happier
Watch TV Stay around them
Sleep Be calm like normal
Go on playing Boi Feel sad
22 If you were the protogonist of an RPG story, you would choose a _____ as your leading lady. In your opinion, which is the best time to pursue your first love?
Young Lady College
Goddess After graduation
Beauty High school
Ingenue Junior high school
23 Which is the most attractive landscape to you? When you wake up what kind of sound do you want to hear?
A sunny beach Sound of waves
Sunshine through the trees Sound of various small animals
A small house surrounded by clouds Birds singing
A snow-covered forest Quietness Not: Sound of various small animals
24 One day, you finally defeat your opponent. How would you celebrate? Think back to your first crush in school. You still remember his
Shout loudly to show your excitement Voice
Raise your fist and say YES Unique behavior
Stand up and lift your arms Physique
Run a victory lap Focus
25 As your beloved girl's birthday is approaching, you would choose _____ as a gift. If you had a chance to travel around, you would choose to go to
Rose Paris
Stuffed Animal Sydney
Money Stay at home
Jewelry Las Vegas
26 What would you want to do on Christmas eve? Who is the most important person to you?
Stay at home alone Yourself
Stay with friends Friend
Have dinner with family members Family member
Having a luxurious meal alone Lover
27 What could you not bear? What kind of behavior do you find unbearable
Being disgraced in public Speaking loudly in public
Being unable to eat Refusing to wash hands before dinner
Being unable to sleep Refusing to bathe after sweating profusely
Being unable to indulge a habit Spitting everywhere
28 Which is the best way to deal with the problem of drunk driving? How will you treat the people you hate?
Increase police protection Pay attention to their actions
Increase penalties Keep them at a distance
Prohibition against alcoholic drinks Keep an eye on them
Use a designated driver Pick on them
29 One day, you accidentally knock over a girl's drink and ruin her dress. In your opinion, what would she say? In your opinion, which is a girl least likely to do to attract her crush's attention
Stare at you and wait to apologize Get close to him with the help of a friend
You do not know Leave anonymous note
Remind you to be careful next time Manufacture a reason to bump into him
She would not care Tell him directly
30 What do you think of what you have experienced so far? Which do you like most?
Innocent Green tea
Sweet Juice
Dreamlike Soda
Painful Coffee
31 What kind of character do you have? Which is your favorite season?
Passionate Summer
Vigorous Spring
Pessimistic Autumn
Grim Winter
32 In the face of danger, you would abandon Which behavior irritates you most?
Desire Leading boring life
Money Betraying family members to get money
Dignity Flattering the boss to get a promotion
Life Living at the expense of others
33 In your opinion, which is the most important thing for a girl to choose in a husband? Which is the most effective way to comfort you?
Character Say sorry and hug you quietly
Family Background Cook some food you like
Appearance Cheer you up with a joke
Career All of the above
34 What do you think of your ability to manage time? What is your favorite type of restaurant?
Never waste time Fast food restaurant
Do not place much importance on time Diner
Able to create free time Barbeque restaurant
Late all the time Buffet
35 What kind of friend do you find unacceptable? While shopping, you usually
Self absorbed Shop by what you need
Late all the time Decide what you want in advance
Straightforward Spend a day in one store
Isolated Wander around
36 Where is god? Facing a very important exam which you had not prepared for, you would
In heaven Pray for a miracle
There is no god Give up
You are god Be perfectly calm
God is in everything Look for opportunities to cheat
37 If you saw a UFO in the sky, you would think it must be When you see a crowd of people stand around a store, you think
Aliens There must be a celebrity there
A weather balloon There must be a huge sale
A time machine Someone got people to stand around to make the store look popular
Reflected light They are so bored
38 As a great leader, what kind of army would you command? What is your future family like?
One with an elite squad Never have kids
One with unquestionable loyalty Family comes to a consensus on decisions
One with wise advisers Let your husband run the household
One with strong lieutenante You control everything in your family
39 What is your favorite type of TV program? How would you treat your bf/gf's bad habit?
Do not like TV He/She would not have any bad habits
Nature Sometimes try to do the same thing
Sports Say nothing
News Copy his/her behavior
40 If you friend calls you on the phone, crying, you think she must have What kind of movies do you like best?
Broken up with her boyfriend Romantic
Been criticized by her parents Comedy
Hurt herself carelessly Action
Been to sensitive Melodrama

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