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+4 Mount Unbind Scroll+4 Mount Unbind Scroll
15th Avatar (F)15th Avatar (F)
15th Avatar (M)15th Avatar (M)
173 Adventure Talent173 Adventure Talent
3-color Raw Stone3-color Raw Stone
5-color Magic Stone5-color Magic Stone
55 Production material55 Production material
7-color Divine Stone7-color Divine Stone
7th VIP Nobel Back Gear Ticket7th VIP Nobel Back Gear Ticket
7th VIP Nobel Fashion Ticket7th VIP Nobel Fashion Ticket
8th VIP Noble Back Gear Ticket8th VIP Noble Back Gear Ticket
8th VIP Noble Fashion Ticket8th VIP Noble Fashion Ticket
A Pot of Spring WaterA Pot of Spring Water
Abbess GownAbbess Gown
Abysmal ShadowAbysmal Shadow
AchillesAchilles' Belt (Soul)
AchillesAchilles' Belt (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Boots (Soul)
AchillesAchilles' Boots (Soul) Pack
AchillesAchilles' Boots (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Greaves (Soul)
AchillesAchilles' Greaves (Soul) Pack
AchillesAchilles' Greaves (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Hands (Soul)
AchillesAchilles' Hands (Soul) Pack
AchillesAchilles' Hands (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Helm (Soul)
AchillesAchilles' Helm (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Mail (Soul)
AchillesAchilles' Mail (Soul) Pack
AchillesAchilles' Mail (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Shield
AchillesAchilles' Shield (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Shoulder (Soul)
AchillesAchilles' Shoulder (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Sword (Soul+)
AchillesAchilles' Sword(Soul)
AchterAchter's Gold Bracelet
Activated Beetle ShellActivated Beetle Shell
Adult Naga SkinAdult Naga Skin
Adv. Tears of ArtemisAdv. Tears of Artemis
Adv. Tears of ValkyrieAdv. Tears of Valkyrie
Advanced AngerAdvanced Anger
Advanced BarrierAdvanced Barrier
Advanced BashAdvanced Bash
Advanced Blessing StoneAdvanced Blessing Stone
Advanced BlindAdvanced Blind
Advanced BlizzardAdvanced Blizzard